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B+E Car and Trailer Test
All car licence holders having passed the driving test on or after 01/01/1997 wishing to drive, 
towing a trailer will need to pass a B+E driving test. The nearest test centre for B+E is Taunton or Exeter.
We at ProDrive use the Taunton Test Centre which enables us to use facilities for practicing practical manoeuvres carried out in the test.
The test includes:-

The test duration is: - 1 hour 30 minutes.
ProDrive’s towing courses are tailored to suite client’s needs and ability.
Do you need to pass a trailer or caravan test B+E? If you passed your driving test after 1997 the maximum size trailer or caravan you can tow must not exceed 750kgs.It is essential that thorough training is undertaken.

Please prepare as it is a Driving Test

M.A.M If you passed your driving test before 01/01/1997 you could take a 2 hrs towing “Refresher” course to brush up your skills and know the laws requirements.

B+E Towing Course

Using our vehicle and trailer the course is 3 days in the Exeter area with a test on the third day.

Non test towing Course
Using our vehicle and trailer or your own outfit the course is 2 hours.Includes an introduction, the law requirements, manoeuvres, Uncoupling and coupling and driving whilst towing.